5 Things To Know About A Smile Makeover From A Napa Cosmetic Dentist

February 6, 2024

A Smile Makeover can be an ideal option for patients who have several cosmetic and/or functional dental concerns. Smile Makeovers involve a combination of cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, and/or surgical dental treatments that can enhance both the appearance and function of a patient's smile. Treatment plans are personalized and designed to target patient-specific dental goals and concerns, including staining and discoloration, chipped or cracked teeth, bite issues, missing teeth, misalignment, and asymmetrical gum tissue.

Cosmetic Dentistry of Napa is highly skilled and experienced in advanced cosmetic and restorative dental treatments and techniques. As a Napa dentist, we are committed to providing our valued patients and community with their dream smiles to boost their confidence and oral health.

Before you undergo a Smile Makeover, we want to highlight five things you should know about the process:

Choosing a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist Is Important

Selecting a qualified cosmetic dentist to perform your Smile Makeover is one of the most important steps of the treatment process. Cosmetic Dentistry of Napa has extensive experience with advanced procedures that take dental health, function, and esthetics into account. In addition to researching your prospective dentist’s background and credentials, you should also view before-and-after photos and read patient reviews. It can be very helpful to evaluate the results the dentist has been able to achieve for other patients.

Preexisting Oral Health Concerns May Need To Be Addressed

Any oral health issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or insufficient jawbone density, must be addressed before undergoing a Smile Makeover. This can help promote a safe recovery process and improve the longevity of the treatment provided.

Smile Makeovers May Require Multiple Appointments

Each Smile Makeover is a personalized treatment plan based on the person's dental needs, concerns, goals, timeline, and budget. This means that a Smile Makeover is not a “one size fits all” process, and not every procedure a patient may need can be completed in one visit. Certain cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, and/or surgical dental treatments involved in a Smile Makeover may require multiple stages and appointments. The complexity involved in the treatment planning of a Smile Makeover is another reason why choosing a qualified cosmetic dentist is important.

A Smile Makeover Is a Valuable Investment in Both The Appearance AND Function Of Your Smile

Since a Smile Makeover typically involves a minimum of two cosmetic dentistry treatments, the procedure offers the opportunity to make a long-term investment in the appearance and function of your smile. Once you have been examined and have decided on the ideal treatments to include in your Smile Makeover, Dr. Sasha will create a detailed personalized treatment plan designed to meet your expectations. The goal is to produce a smile transformation that can last for many years with the proper care.

Occasional Follow-Up Treatments May Be Necessary

While some Smile Makeover options, such as porcelain veneers and dental crowns, can last for decades with the proper care, others may need routine “touch-ups”. For example, professional teeth whitening typically requires occasional follow-up treatments to help maintain brighter, whiter teeth.

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