Meticulous quality control measures with our cosmetic and restorative cases

December 25, 2023

Cosmetic Dentistry of Napa employs meticulous quality control measures with our cosmetic and restorative cases. These measures not only address the immediate case but also impact the patient’s future oral health. These forward-looking considerations enhance our patients’ long-term well-being while promoting stability, success, and longevity of our treatment.

In this 12-crown case, Dr. Sasha Rozenberg utilized 3D digital scanning technology to render a 3D printed model of the patient’s mouth. These coupled technologies enhance the accuracy and precision of our treatment and restoration fabrication. With these exact replicas, we can assess the effects of our restorations on the condition and function of the person’s teeth, bite, and jaw by evaluating the restoration margins, contact points, and spacing. Proper margins protect the long-term health of the teeth, while appropriate contacts and spacing protect the person’s gums and bite.

In addition, our process allows Dr. Rozenberg to seat the crowns multiple times on the model before the delivery date (as shown). This deliberate focus, practice, and repetition enhances the comfort of our procedures, minimizes risks of complications, maximizes safety, and ensures the treatment is as conservative as possible.

We are grateful to share these special, transformative moments with our patients. Your care is our greatest responsibility.

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